Breckfield Diggers

Breckfield Diggers is a project developed and delivered by BNENC and led by local residents who are keen to improve the local environment.

Breckfield Diggers have built Allotments and Gardens in Thirlmere Court, The Breckfield Centre, Alfred Stocks Sheltered Scheme and Cathedral Court sheltered scheme.

Breckfield Diggershave just been successful in securing a bid from The Mersey Forrest  Natural Choices Grant, the funding of £7,500 enables Breckfield Diggers to plan, build and develop a community garden site in Venmore Street. This project brings together local residents, community groups and organisations including The HIM Project, North  Liverpool Academy, The Biennial 2 up 2 down Project and Liverpool City Council.  The Project is a year long project which will see some physical improvements in the appearance of Venmore street as it awaits development.

For more information on Breckfield Diggers or to become a Volunteer.  Please contact: Mr Graham Kelly, The Breckfield Centre, Tel No 0151 288 8400

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