The Breckfield & North Everton Neighbourhood Council (BNENC) is a Community based Voluntary Organisation that provides practical help, advice, support and training to some of the 15,000 residents in one of the most deprived area’s in the country.

Breckfield and North Everton operates within The Everton Ward and are ranked 4th most deprived wards out of 8414 Nationally. BNENC was formed in 1996 by the merger of both the Breckfield Neighbourhood Council & The Everton Neighbourhood Council.

In 1997 BNENC became a registered charity and company limited by guarantee it was during this period that BNENC managed to get Liverpool City Council to place a Community Development Worker within the organisation. In 1998 BNENC secured funding from The lottery to employ another worker, this added to the development team funded by European finance meant BNENC was starting to grow and develop not only as an organisation but as a recognized group in North Liverpool.  The start of the Millennium saw BNENC opening the first ever Community Centre funded by European and Lottery funding, the centre is home to a number of organisations that provide help and support to local residents, the BNENC resource unit based in the centre provides training, access to information, help with fundraising, publicity facilities and a place for local residents and volunteers to meet.

In 2003 BNENC secured funding from The Neighbourhood Nursery Fund and a purpose built nursery costing £300,000 was built, the nursery provides full day care in a modern safe and secure nursery with 10 qualified and trained staff providing the care. BNENC is the umbrella organisation for the whole community and has 35 voluntary & community groups affiliated to it. Our affiliated groups consist of;-

  •  Tenant & Resident Groups
  • Child & Youth providers
  • Churches & Schools
  • Anti poverty & Welfare Rights Groups
  • Victim Support & Parent Support Projects
  • Crime Prevention groups.

BNENC provides its groups with Training on fund raising, personal and group development, volunteers training, developing strategies, IT & Computers etc. Breckfield and North Everton are inner City Communities with a major lack of resources and a high rate of crime, high unemployment, poor housing, poor health etc.

BNENC and its Volunteers have identified a number of strategies that will help reduce or combat the problems faced by Breckfield residents. Income deprivation also means that there are a large number of social problems experienced by this community. As well as supporting 35 local groups & organisation we are currently delivering services for

  • 0 to 4 year olds via our neighbourhood nursery programme
  • Parents Support Programmes
  • 11 to 17 year old via our youth inclusion projects
  • Respect your life your choice programme
  • Schools Programme
  • Cycle Training
  • Walking back to health programmes
  • Raising Awareness of issues around Drug alcohol and substance abuse.
  • Help advice and support packages for residents
  • Community safety projects via our City Safe and safer community programme
  • Community Health Improvement Programmes
  • Men’s and young men’s health projects
  • Anti poverty initiatives via our Credit Union and Communities Against poverty project.
  • Work on the environment and regeneration
  • An allotment – healthy eating & garden project

The above work is carried out by a Projects Manager a Development Worker with a team of trained and dedicated volunteers whom BNENC recruit from the local community, BNENC provides them with training and on going support. BNENC’s ethos is to help increase the skills and abilities of local people and to assist them into Jobs, Education and / or Training. We are currently working with local developers, the City Council and other agencies in the physical regeneration of the community. The area has been designated a housing market renewal area by the Government, the whole process of regeneration will take between 10 & 15 years to complete.


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