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Anfield/Breckfield is situated within North Liverpool and is Your Housing Group’s main regeneration area.  Your Housing Group own 840 properties and within this area we have a mix of one and two bedroom flats, bungalows and two, three and four bedroom houses.

The Anfield/ Breackfield Renewal Area is located in North Liverpool and Your Housing Group has agreed within its business objectives to continue to support the regeneration of the area. The area had received Housing Market Renewal Funding from Central Government up to March 2011. The funding ended half way through a 15 year programme. The strength of YHG has enabled a new partnership to be created with Liverpool City Council to continue to invest time and resources to finish the housing elements of the regeneration plan and explore projects to increase the economical sustainability of the area.

Your Housing Group has over the past 5 years invested via former Arena £10m and it has been estimated that a further £10m will be invested over the next 5 years. This is on top of existing revenue funding which includes supporting a local office with 10 staff who manage the 850 properties owned by YHG within the immediate Anfield and Breckfield area. In total YHG owns and managers over 3000 properties within Liverpool.

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The new focussed partnership builds on the work which is ongoing via Keepmaot Plc, the council’s lead developer through the overarching agreement in respect of the HMRStanleyPark zone this is seeing new affordable homes being built for rent for YHG and also homes for sale which Keepmoat are marketing.

New exciting plans in terms of Anfield Village/Rockfield area with the combined projects covering a neighbourhood of 861 properties.  Under the plans – which are based upon factors such as available funding, housing demand, property condition and the desire to increase economic activity in the area – a total of 562 properties, will now be retained and refurbished.  A further 299 properties, will be demolished.  We have already commenced improving properties including knocking two small 2 bed houses into a large spacious 3 bed home.

The total cost of the Plan is forecast to be £36m.  £25.836m of this will be funded by the City Council consisting of £10.000m Empty Homes Programme grant and £15.836m Capital Programme resources the remaining funding being equal to YHG projected investment over the next 5 years.

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For any day to day enquiries, the easiest way to contact any of the staff listed is via Your Response on 0345 345 0272 or you can call in to see us at our Liverpool Neighbourhood office Mondays to Fridays between 9am and 4pm.


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